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“This past March, I had the opportunity to join Brian Hanaford and the Accessible Racing team at Rockingham Motor Speedway. The event was designed to get Shane Hmiel behind the wheel of a stock car for the first time since his accident. When I arrived, I was taken aback by the professionalism of this program and the incredible generosity and overall caring that each member had. The Accessible Racing team truly has their heart and minds in the right place, to share their love of motorsports with people with lower limp impairments. As part of the weekend I was also given the opportunity to get behind the wheel and drive the Adaptive Racing stock car. As a Paraplegic myself, I was never sure if this was going to be a possibility for me. Let’s just say, I had a smile on my face for a week. To hear the load engine roar, to smell the rubber burning off the tires, to feel the g-forces going into the turns and to have the since that you are absolutely flying around the track are all memories that will stick with me for a life time. Thanks to everyone that works hard at Accessible Racing to provide this opportunity. I can’t wait to get back with you and advance my skills as a driver.”

Corey Fairbanks

Executive Director


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Race Hub: A program called Accessible Racing gives Veterans the
opportunity to get behind the wheel of a stock car while rehabilitating.
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Speed TV

SPEED Producer Burnett Wins Catlin Award For NASAR Race Hub Veterans Day Feature

Clevette, Hembree Earn National Motorsports Press Association Honors

SPEED Associate Producer Justin Burnett was honored this week with a 2012 Russ Catlin Award for his Veterans's Day feature that ran as part of the popular program, NASCAR Race Hub, in November of last year.

"For me, this piece crystalizes everything that makes racing, and sports in general, great", said Burnett, who hs been with SPEED for nearly two years. "Far away from the bright spotlight of a NASCAR race weekend, Accessible Racing is using their passion for racing as a vehicle for inspiration and change. I felt that the sincerity and resolve of the veterans, particularly 1st Lt. Ian James Brown, would likewise inspire viewers and the judges."

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