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Dave Baskin -

Dave Baskin

David Baskin created adaptive programs to help shooters with physical challenges and led many of those same shooters as coach of the U.S. Disabled Shooting Team. He coached the U.S. Wheelchair Shooting Team to an outstanding record of 253 medals, as well as seven world and 16 Pan-American records in international competition, becoming the most successful coach of disabled marksmen in U.S. shooting history. He has served as chairman of the Shooting Sports for the International Paralympic Committee and spent 13 years leading the NRA’s Disabled Shooting Services program. Through his tireless work, Baskin has made the shooting sports more accessible to current and future generations. Baskin enjoyed a 33-year career working for an engineering firm that designed and built critical care medical machinery. That background provided the foundation that enabled him to invent various methods and unique equipment for shooters with special needs including custom rehabilitative gun rests, single arm shotguns, visually impaired marksmanship procedures and specialized adaptive shooting techniques. Baskin created an inclusive shooting program offering rehabilitation professionals a new way to assist their patients with refined motor skills, balance, concentration, breath control and self-esteem. He has conducted shooting sports disability awareness seminars for numerous groups, including government fish and game agencies, special education teachers’ associations, Veterans organizations, state agriculture programs, university accessibility projects, disabled sportsmen’s associations and competition sanctioning bodies.
Woody Groton -

Woody Groton

Lt Col Woody Groton is a 20 year veteran of the U.S. Army (Active and National Guard) including multiple deployments. He currently works full time for the New Hampshire National Guard. Woody's previous non-profit work includes three years as the adaptive cycling director and Chief Information Officer for the Wounded Warrior Project and he has worked with Project Hero and Northeast Passage. Woody also worked as the adaptive sports director for the Army Warrior Transition Unit at Fort Eustis. Woody is an avid cyclist and skier. He is married and has five children. His oldest daughter is a West Point Graduate currently serving on active duty.
George “Dodo” Brockman -

George “Dodo” Brockman

You wont find George 'Dodo' Brockman on Linkedin, if you have to look around to find him one needs to look no further then his passion, fast and vintage cars and boats. George got his nickname 'Dodo" from a childhood friend; when the boyz had to take their afternoon naps George's next door neighbor would call out his window "DoDo, Dodo" the name stuck ever since, FYI "Dodo" is a rare now extict bird that achieved widespread recognition from its role in the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.. George 'Dodo' Brockman is rare person in every aspect; Vietnam Veteran, former owner of Casco Bay Yacht Exchange, Now owns Freeport Boat Outlet and Do Do's Hot rods and Stuff. Dodo was first VP of Maine Vintage Car Club. Dodo has a passion for cars also, he set out to establish a speed record and fell a couple MPH short of the 200 MPH GOAL in the Joe Bessey super speedway car he recently donated to Brian Hanaford to use for Adaptive Motorsports & Wellness. The former Bessey car was driven by Daytona 500 winner Ward Burton and last chauffeured by Geoff Bodine at Talledega Speedway. Dodo also owns Ray Hendrick's #01 Mustang II Super Speedway Modified and as one can only imagine brings a HUGE network to Accessible Racing, for instance a Japanese company engaged in conversations with George about building a Chris Craft boat powered by an Infiniti engine, read more... https://www.automobilemag.com/news/floating-around-infiniti-qx56-base-boat-project-continues-97367/
Doug Larsen -

Doug Larsen

Doug Larsen Co-designed, maintained and operates the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course for the State of Utah; provides training, department leadership and liaison to Utah P.O.S.T. He has vast experience in various phases of law enforcement driver training, school operations, and training management. Emphasis in law enforcement is in running day-to-day operations for UDPS’s EVOC facility, managing the cadre staff and team of technical specialists, representing emergency vehicle training and policy interests to Utah P.O.S.T. His Emphasis of technical experience is in developing functional criteria and specifications for state-of-the-art driving simulators and training software, reviewing and analyzing vehicle control, vehicle safety and vehicle training technology for driving applications. As a Training Specialist and subject matter expert (SME), Doug provided direction and team leadership to create effective, safe driving curriculum and operational simulator scenarios for the law enforcement. This curriculum established Utah as a preeminent force in the use of simulator-based training for Emergency Vehicle Operators. Sergeant Larsen has a B.A. (Business/Accounting) from Utah Valley State College and a M.B.A. from Westminster College. His current advisory roles include: California POST, Safe Driving Campaign; VOTAC FLETC (Simulation Committee) Guest Instructor at ALERT Int’l Guest Lecturer on Driving Simulation and Training Integration Expert Witness for driver training
Brian Hanaford - Executive Director/Founder

Brian Hanaford

Executive Director/Founder
Brian Hanaford grew up in a racing family. His dad, Harold "HardLuck" Hanaford, was one of the most respected northern New England racing drivers of the 1960s. Ken Squire, AKA the Grand Father of Motorsports, guided Brian to his first opportunity, created by Mike Massaro’s media internship at Stafford Motor Speedway. "Brian shares the same desire and determination that marked his dad’s success," said Squire. "He has proven that he is willing to do whatever is necessary and demonstrates real creativity as he strives to build a better understanding of America’s leading motor sport, stock car racing." Hanaford began writing articles for Stafford’s "Pitstopper" magazine. "His knowledge of the sport, and of business, was clearly reflected in the pieces he put together for our NASCAR Featherlite Modified Tour and Busch North Series events. Brian’s strong writing abilities stand on their own merit, but what impressed me most was his determination," said Mike Massaro, racing analyst for ESPN & Sports Center. International marketing award winner Mike Sullivan impacted HISTORY: Accessible Racing stock car driving experience evolved from Hanaford Associates stock car driving experience for ambulatory persons, Hanaford struggled to keep pace with bigger - high financed operations. 9-11-01 Hanaford Associates was completing a fund raising & driving experience for US ARMY Recruiter Wives Association when the planes hit the towers. Dave Dion, at the time a volunteer and Vietnam Vet said "when we figure out who is responsible, if we dont all ready know, we are headed for war. I hope the guys coming home dont come back to the same disrespect that welcomed us home." Previously, Cam Shaw-Doran (wheelchair bound) went for a ride in one of Hanaford's racecars, that was the defining moment for Hanaford. "You could hear him screaming over the sound of the engine and when he exited the car there was tears streaming down his cheeks. I asked what he thought, he responded "I want to drive this $#%$"." Hanaford's vision is to expand motor sports opportunities with modified marketing vehicles (mobile billboards) designed with the same components employed by NASCAR marketing. NASCAR drivers all have off track marketing programs designed to make the cash register sing. Accessible Racing was formed and quickly aborted traditional marketing strategies, the trend was leaning more towards cause related shoppers. Hanaford reached out to Seamus Curley for advice, Seamus was previous VP for Bruton Smith at Charlotte Motor Speedway and helped put together a couple Nationally televised events with Frank Wilson at SPEED TV. Dr Jeffrey Heckman and Hanaford partnered in a "proof of concept" event to measure psychological impact of assitive devices with (PIADS). Hanaford is fueled by passion and spends his spare time soliciting partnerships or developing business strategies. Together, the Accessible Racing Board of Directors are rallying behind Puget Sound VAMC, 1 of 7 Regional Amputee Center in Seattle Washington, and Medical Director Dr Jeffrey Heckman to answer the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs #1 Challenge, patient focused rehabilitation and education technologies to assist disabled vets in achieving their independence. Dave Baskin's Virtual World Driving Challenge is a league network that will connect 7 Regional Amputee Centers with more then 1,400 VAMC serving 9,000,000 veterans